About Vincix Group


Founded by Vincenzo Marchica, Vincix Group is a multi-national RPA and AI company focused on streamlining, optimizing and automating key processes for customers.

Vincix Group’s RPA solutions do not require changes in IT or hardware resources, ensuring an accelerated flow of information, reducing operational errors and eliminating delays. Vincix Group’s ultimate goal is to make business processes more robust, faster and more efficient

Vincix Group helps its customers to make business processes more effective, faster, and more efficient.

For 12 years we have specialized in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions that allow obtaining:

  • Significant benefits
  • In a very short time
  • On the existing IT infrastructure


Our Goal:

Design and implement automation solutions at Pay Back Time < 12 months not only “reducing/eliminating repetitive and “low-value activities” but also:

  • Optimizing processes
  • Enhancing the work of people
  • Using the elemental data processed for:
    • Constantly monitor KPI and SLA
    • Encourage continuous improvement
    • Feed the applications of Artificial Intelligence

How do we work?

We propose RPA solutions which do not require changes on the IT systems, nor on hardware resources, ensuring accelerated flow of information, reducing operational errors, and eliminating delays.

Elicopter View: The “helicopter view”, is the phase in which a skilled consultant can help to immediately view “good” processes for the RPA.
This phase must be fast and concrete!!

Analysis: We examine processes in order to identify the various steps that can be automated

Development: We design and develop the solution that best suits our customers’ needs

Monitoring: We provide monitoring tools which allow early knowledge of potential problems

Target: Design, develop, monitor, and continuously improve business processes. Our ultimate goal is to make our business processes more robust, faster and more efficient

Vantaggi dell’RPA

  • Optimizing times of business process management
  • Satisfaction of corporate staff, relocated to more fulfilling tasks
  • Improvement in the quality of work thanks to technological RPA solutions
  • Saving in terms of cost
  • Execution of processes 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Minimizing the risks of human error and increasing company productivity


Automatable Business Processes


Cost saving


Time reduction of all business process management